Zenfolio | Tim Phillips Photography | FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions, if you think of something else just contact me:


Q. What do you mean by full day - A. I will start when either the bride or groom is getting ready to capture those precious, candid and funny moments. From here I will move to the venue of the ceremony to capture everyone arriving. I will capture the ceremony and then travel to the venue of the wedding breakfast / reception. I usually leave after the first dance.

Q. What should I wear for the pre-wedding photoshoot - A. I include these images as part of the overall package so you should wear what you feel comfortable wearing. If you want to wear jeans thats your choice, if you want to wear a ball gown, again that's your choice. Obviously the clothes that you wear need to be appropriate for the location and weather.

Q. What is a DVD slideshow - A. I use a professional slideshow package to create a 20 - 30 minute slideshow of a smaple of images from the pre-wedding photoshoot and the wedding itself. This is for you to keep and will play on a PC, laptop and most DVD players so that you can watch them on the big screen. The DVD is set to your chosen songs. Please note that you cannot print from this DVD, but if you have a DVD burner, you can copy it as many times as you want.

Q. How many images do you take - A. I usually take between two and three thousand images. Most will be rejected, but you will get a DVD of about 500 processed images.    

Q. What happens if your camera breaks - A. I usually shoot with two camera's and have a third camera as a backup. I also have a number of flash guns and a range of lenses. I also split the images across several compact flash cards. When at home I back up the images and create at least two copies.

Q. Are you professional - A. No I work full time and photograph weddings on a part time basis. I am self taught. My photographs are to a very high standard, but not as good as a professional. My prices reflect that I am not professional.

Q. How would you describe your style - A. I like to take a range of candid and formal images. For me the candid shots really tell a story and help to stitch together the flow of the whole day. I also like to take close up's of those details that you have worked so hard to make happen.

Q. Are you taking photo's when I am getting dressed - A. I will only take those images that you are comfortable with and will be discreet as and when required. If you prefer not to have these personal moments captured then I am happy to leave at that point. If however you want to me more adventerous then thats fine too. Everything is agreed in advance so just let me know what you want.